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Brian from Las Vegas

Chole just celebrated her 5-month birthday here in Las Vegas! The first night we saw Chole was a night we'll never forget. She arrived to us in Las Vegas just before midnight on a Delta flight (yes, we think she requested to fly first class:) She was about 10 pounds then and as cute as ever. Now she's a healthy 40 pounds and packed full of fun, personality and energy. She loves people and loves to play. We're certain that she loves people so much because she was raised right in her first few weeks by Anthony, Paula and Savanna:) We love everything about Chloe. We love the way she sits, we love the way her tongue sticks out of her mouth when she first wakes up, and we love how she doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. Oh, in case you were wondering, she loves to play the slots, and her favorite song is Viva Las Vegas:) Thanks Harry Warburton we love you!!

Ryan & Angela from MI

Molly is incredible in every way. She is very friendly with a fantastic personality. She is very loving and has to follow me around wherever I go. Molly is very smart and has been surprisingly easy to train (especially when there is a treat involved). Her favorite spot to sleep is either in front of the fireplace or right on my girlfriends lap the minute she sits down. Just looking at her sometimes makes me laugh out loud, especially when she starts doing laps around the room at full speed, or when she sleeps with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. I can’t tell you how much we love this dog. She is just over 4 months old right now. I will continue to send you pictures as she grows up. Thanks again."

The Bomars from TN

"Our family wants to thank you both for our wonderful baby Jake. He is by far the best bulldog we have ever had, he is our third! He is just BEAUTIFUL. The pictures do not do him justice. Everyone that sees him tells us he is a "show dog" and he really is. I was really nervous buying off the net, especially from someone I did not know and knew nothing about. You guys were honest and delivered exactly what you promised. You made our buying experience very easy and EXTREMELY PLEASANT. You guys are the best and if we every buy another baby, it will definitely be from you! Jake is just so sweet and mild mannered. He is HUGE! He is five months old and weighs fifty pounds! Our vet comments every time we have him in for his well baby check-up's what a QUALITY dog he is! I hate to call him a dog ,he is our baby and spoiled ROTTEN. We just can't thank you guys enough! We look forward to dealing with you again. "